Photon leap

Year of launch : Under Construction
Location : Maharashtra

Photon leap - for Sustainable Optical Fibre Production


Project Photon Leap represents a groundbreaking initiative between Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) and Hygenco to transition STL's manufacturing plants to green hydrogen energy.As part of STL’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in materials science, photonics, and precision engineering, this strategic alliance with Hygenco will supply green hydrogen to power STL's Glass Preform Plant in Aurangabad. 

This plant, which leverages state of the art Industry 4.0 practices, is a critical hub for manufacturing Glass Preforms, the foundational components for cutting-edge optical fibre.


Photon Leap is among the first project in Optical Fibre transition to Green Hydrogen for sustainable operations

Facility Facts
  • Capacity: 200+ TPA
  • Utilization of solar and wind based renewable energy for hydrogen production, ensuring a more efficient and safer alternative to conventional hydrogen procurement methods
  • Supply of GH2 and GO2 via dedicated pipelines in glass-preform furnaces
  • Expected reduction of carbon emissions by approximately 30% annually
  • Integration of an advanced Energy Management and Control System for autonomous operations and real-time monitoring, aligning with global standards for operational safety and sustainability

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