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Be a global leader in deploying Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia powered industry solutions


Develop 10 GW of “commercially attractive” production and distribution assets by 2030

Lead the ambitious mission by playing at the cross-roads of technological innovation and commercial viability

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Our Leaders

Amit Bansal

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Anshul Gupta

Co-founder & Chief Strategy & Innovations

Aashish Gupta

Co-founder & Chief of staff

Shashank Adhlakha

Chief Operating Officer

Rahul Singh

Vice president, CTO & Head, Techno-Commercials

Harish Jayaram

Vice president, Business Development

Gaurav Kishore

Associate Vice president, Business Development

Asamta Chibber

Sr HR Manager

Shivashish Bhattacharjee

Associate Vice president, New Products

Sakshi Soni

Assistant Manager-Legal & CS

Priya Mehandiratta

Sr Associate-Legal and CS

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