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Making Green Hydrogen

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Plant design optimization using proprietary simulation tech

Autonomous live operations optimization using IoT, Digital Twins and ML

You only pay per molecule / Gas-as-a-Service.

We do all heavy-lifting / Design-Build-Finance-Own-Operate.

Modular plant designs replicable from 1 Megawatt to Gigawatt scale.

Operations tech scalable from 1 Megawatt to Gigawatt scale.

First in India to build commercial-scale Green H2 project - Supplies starting 2024.

Developing 75,000 tonnes per annum of Green H2 projects by 2026.


Be a global leader in deploying Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia powered industry solutions


Develop 10 GW of “commercially attractive” production and distribution assets by 2030

Lead the ambitious mission by playing at the cross-roads of technological innovation and commercial viability

Dynamic Decision Making

Who we Serve everyone who needs green hydrogen or green ammonia

  • Iron & Steel​
  • Fertilizers​
  • Oil Refineries​
  • Bulk & Specialty Chemicals​
  • Glass
  • Food
  • Pharma

“Application-oriented approach” to custom design and safely integrate Green hydrogen/ammonia in large number of user industries

​Petroleum & Gas Blending
  • CGD Operators
  • Trunk pipeline Operators​

“Partner ecosystem approach” to produce Green H2 and transform into green/blue molecules for petroleum blending.

Mobility & Transport
  • Cargo Trucking Fleets​
  • Heavy Duty (Mining Excavators etc)
  • Bus Transport Fleets​
  • Marine Transport
  • ​Commercial Aviation​

“TCO-based approach” and expertise in distributed generation, distribution and dispensing to deploy and scale-up assets for hydrogen-based mobility

Power Grids
  • Back-up power​
  • Rapid Response Grid-Balancing​
  • Long Duration Energy Storage​

Expertise in designing, deploying and managing efficient P-to-X-to-P systems for grid balancing and backup systems

Why choose hygenco

  • Technology with proven reliability vs. grey hydrogen
  • Plant designs carefully engineered for reliable operations
  • Dedicated reliability focus during lifetime O&M
  • High levels of automation and autonomous operations reducing manual errors
  • Process Safety Management a non-negotiable engineering design principle
  • Regular third-party led safety studies and checks
  • Measurable GHG emission savings
  • Carbon Credits program
  • Positive PR
  • Lower lifetime cost vs. grey hydrogen
  • Custom supply contracts to suit client PnL needs

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